HELP!!! Anyone in the PA PERC? - CEU questions


I have recently enrolled in the Pennsylvania PERC (Practice Education Remediation Collaboration) program. It's like the VRP but for things like med errros, etc. As part of the contract there are CEU requirements but they give you ZERO guidance. There are hundreds of online courses but it seems like the requirements for submission (letters of completion, course approval numbers etc) would not lend itself to an online course. There are also requirements that the courses fall under the 49 Pa. Code 21.134 but the code is so broad its equally useless.

If anyone has completed this program or is familiar with it and can direct me toward courses that they know are approved that wound be great. I'm just spinning my wheels here. I need 10 contact hours in Nursing Ethics and Law and 10 contact hours in Medication Administration. I called my case manager for help and she totally blew me off. Her answer to my questions? "Just google it."