Help!! Any kaplan alum out there?


Hello everyone! I am currently finishing up my bachelors degree (RN to BSN) and plan to jump right into grad school afterwards. I need advice my head is spinning! I have been looking into all different schools trying to decide which one to complete my DNP at. I really like how Kaplan University sounds and my questions are ... 1) On the AACN website, I see that their masters is accredited but the DNP isn't (CCNE). What does this mean? and 2) Is Kaplan a credible school? Meaning, will obtaining the degree from Kaplan affect my job opportunities? Also, if the DNP program isn't CCNE accredited should I do my masters at Kaplan and then transfer elsewhere? Do most colleges accept Kaplan Transfers?


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Hello, I am also graduating with my BSN this December. I was just browsing on here and your post caught my eye. I probably am not the person you are looking for information from, but my leadership lecturer (who had a PhD) actually just spoke to us about grad school and I thought I'd share. He told us that we should go to a grad school that has the best possible reputation (nationally) that you have the means to attend because yes, where you went to grad school will carry a lot of weight and will follow you forever. If you don't have the means to move out of state, try to go to the top rated grad school in your area. Looking at the US news reports will give you national rankings of nursing grad schools.


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I agree with the previous poster. I would have concern with credibility of these online, for profit programs. I have not known any graduate from this or similar programs but would think that the reputation may be an impediment to getting an initial job as an NP. I have recently been involved in the hiring process for a new NP and would not look seriously at the resume of a graduate of Kaplan when compared to a graduate of an established and reputable program. This may be an undeserved bias and you could potentially get a great education but the reality is that reputation matters.

I tried looking at the Kaplan DNP program and can't quite figure it out. There is a pre-FNP program then the DNP FNP program. If you have to complete both it reflects 65+50 credit hours to the tune of 60K. You can still get a quality online education at a more reputable school for likely much less in tuition and fees. Look at state schools that have online programs. My MSN cost less than a quarter of the Kaplan amount for reputable state schools. My DNP will also be a fraction of this cost.