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hello i gradutaed a couple of weeks ago not only am i super worried on taking the nclex-pn..but i also have another problem..when i see something out of the ordinary i feel like fainting!!!:uhoh3:for example in my clinicals i was in the or room where they were removing the gallbladder i tolerated it pretty well.:yeah:the next day i saw a circumcision on a 17yr and no way!:eek:i felt light headed felt dizzy..i knew i had to leave the room for air..did so got air went back to the room but couldnt watch anymore!!!I dont know what to do i thought it was just that day..weeks later during my ob clinical I saw a lady giving birth same thing when i saw the head the blood i had to sit down in the pts room!!!plz anyone have this problem?????any advice!!!!please!!!!:bowingpursometimes i feel what if nursing is not for me!!plz advice anyone:bowingpur

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Things should get better for you with more exposure to "unpleasant stuff."

A couple ideas that may help a little: Before going into an OR, make sure your stomach isn't empty - even a granola bar will help. Don't lock your legs when standing.

Good luck!


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I think that this will get better as you go along. When you pick where you plan to work, you will see the same types of things all the time and will get used to it. In nursing school you just get access to whatever is going on where ever you happen to be. Does this make any sense?

In the mean time, I agree with pp - don't lock your knees and don't have an empty stomach!! Hope this helps! :nuke:


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thanks for your advice...i understand!!!!thanks again!!!!

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