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I have decided want to emigrate but cant make mind up to where, either Australia or New Zealand. I have children and want to make the right decision on to the best place, even tho they are both beautiful countries. Im a paediatric nurse and Health Visitor and hubby is in insurance.. car, household, all but not life and medical insurance. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. :)


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Hi uk_nurse

I am a New Zealand RN working in Australia so I can give you my thoughts on both countries. I am also a Paediatric RN although I now work in ED.

I have worked in Auckland and Rotorua, so these are the only two places I can comment on. Auckland is very expensive to live in, Rotorua is cold and damp.

In Australia I have only worked in small rural hospitals so I can't comment on the city. I earn more money here in New South Wales and the cost of living is reasonable. Each state has a different pay scale, NSW being the highest. It's very hot here though.

There's so much to comment on but in terms of cost of living and wages, NSW is the best place to be. New Zealand is just too expensive to live in anymore.

If you would like more information feel free to email me or leave a message.




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Thanks for that. I think australia is the place i would like to go. I hope to go on hols to australia with family and look around and see what property market is like. I dont really want to work in a hospital as im a Health visitor / public health nurse and deal with children and their families in the community. Thats the line of work im looking for, but i have been told Australia does not have health visitors :(

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