HELP !!! Advice and information for Block 1


I was wondering if anyone could give details on their experience on Block 1? I am done with all the pre on coreqs for maricopa nursing requirements,- I applied to the program fall of 06 and I am praying to get into the program fall of 07. In the mean time I have been trying to find information on the classes for block 1 (I am looking at a traditional 24 month program) which are these classes- Nur 111, Nur 117, Nur 119- What are schedules like? How many times a week are you actually in classes? How long are clinical rotations ?how many times a week do you have them ? Is school monday thru friday ? From what I have looked up NUR111, and NUR117 are book work classes , I am assuming that NUR 119 is the clinicals-

I am in a patho class right now and attendence policy is very strict, we are not allowed to miss more than 2 days or we are dropped- What is the attendence policy for the program and clinicals??



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I'm in block 3. Not sure about the class numbers, but I spent 2 days in all day classes and 2 days in 8 hour clinicals. 4 days a week total in class. this is not counting going to pick up patients. For lecture classes we only could miss one day of each and no missed days for clinicals. we did not have class on fri. but depending on where you end up things can be very different.

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Did clinicals start in block one for you? I thought they were later on in the program, but that's why I'm asking.




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sure did, about the 2nd month of school. first part at a ltc and the second at a hosp.

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