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Help Accepting Low Job Offer

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I passed my boards March of 2017 and have been actively applying around for RN jobs in NYC. I was offered an interview at a dermatology clinic in Manhattan... However, they told me the salary would be "around $30.00 an hour" I just applied not truly expecting a call back, but I have been getting a bit anxious that I will never hear back from any of the hospitals I applied for although it's only been about 3-4 weeks.

Any advice about what I should do, please help!! I have an interview next week with the nurse manager and I don't know if it is even worth it. I know that is ridiculously low for NYC, but I understand it is in a private dermatology/ cosmetic practice and has daytime hours.

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I would think that a job > no job. I wouldn't rule out a job before you have the offer, and I definitely think it's a poor idea to rule out a job when you have no viable Plan B options. However, it's also only been 3-4 weeks of applying for jobs (which isn't very long). I just wouldn't discount this job before you've even applied for it.

I agree with BeachyRN2Be. There is nothing wrong with accepting a clinic job at the beginning of your nursing career. You can always go back to acute care. Your nursing career is based on what you make it out to be. All I am saying is that nursing is a vast field with a high magnitude of opportunities. For an acute care hospital position, don't expect quick responses from the recruiter, there are many people in your same position applying for these jobs. Evaluate your long term goals and let that be a deciding factor for you as to whether this job is right for you are not.

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