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Help!! A&P II Final!


My A&P II final is Friday and I'm freaked out. I have a C in the class and I need a B- to pass, which means I need to get an A on the final.

Our final is 30 points cumulative and 100 not. The final is only about 65ish questions, so two points per question and it's all multiple choice (which freaks me out)

I'm not sure how to study for the cumulative part. I need to make sure I master every subject on this test, but I don't have time to go through and relearn absolutely everything about each system we've covered, especially since I need to focus way more time on the not-cumulative part. He's covering almost 10 systems in 30 multiple choice questions. I'd assume that studying my past tests would be the best way to prepare for the cumulative but I can't risk not studying my notes and lectures from class in case he puts a question from that onto the test.

I would love to break down each system and study one each day, but I can't do that because I have a micro final on Wednesday and a Psyc final Thursday...

First of all relax since their are so many systems covered in thirty questions it will probably be pretty generalized questions. Go over the main topics from each system and figure out the most important info from each system

Cumulative tests are sooooooooooooooooooooo general; definitely study your past tests! Know the major "big ideas" from each system; take a look at the objectives from each chapter being covered.

If there is an online component with your book definitely do the review questions from each chapter, or go to quizlet.com and search A&P II review flashcards.

Take a deep breath--YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!! =D

Good luck and God Bless~MLDJ1970