hello question about medsurge made incredibly easy book?


I bought this book, does anyone have it? Do you recommend it, was helpful to you? This is my first week of medsurge..and they want us to prepare for class by reviewing modules related to the neurological system and reading content such as head injuries, brain attack, etc..can i review the neurological system, such as the anatomy and physiology of it in this book..i think it gives you the key facts over all, well if anythin can write back asap..i will start reading tomorro...also i need advice on how to count drip factor...any tips? like i know if you have 25gtt per min you divide it by 4 and that will b about 6 drops every 15sec. so you control the roller clamp at a certain speed, so that you can obtain 6 drops in 15sec..so i guess this is trial and error.. this is wut is freaking me out...because you have to look at your watch and drops..i have a digital watch with the actual seconds, i think that is better? oh and i can practice this at home rite, with a clothes hanger, and going over steps?? advice , thanx have a great day!

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