Hello, Incoming freshman for fall


Hi! I'm a incoming freshman for fall 2k17. I was wondering did anyone have to take these classes? I got my schedule and I wanted to see if it was 'normal.' I didn't put the numbers because I heard that its different for many schools.

Bio, Bio Lab, Bio Recitation, Psych 101, English literature, Critical Inquiry, and College algebra. My bio classes are on Monday for 5 hours long!! :crying2: Anyways, I want to be a nurse and eventually go through the med school / CRNA / DNP route afterwards. Have a great day!

P.S: WTF is a bio recitation??


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That sounds like a normal schedule, though Im not quite sure what "critical inquiry" is. Recitation is a smaller version of your class, where you get the opportunity to go over the material again and ask any questions you may have.