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Hi there !

I'm a student nurse from Germany, and I really enjoyed reading this BB for a while now, so I thought I'd just tell you... It's good to see that nurses in the "oh so perfect" US have just the same problems as we do, even though we often hear that your conditions are so much better. I start to doubt about it...still, I enjoy reading about your life...I do have problems with some of the expressions you use, but I guess as I go on reading the BB most of them will clear up...

By the way, I'll be examined by October, and I consider going abroad in 1 or 2 years time. I consider either going for some humanitarian project or to some arabic country. Does anyone of you have experiences in these fields ? I'd like to hear about it !

Thanks for reading...Glad I met you....

Kitty: Welcome! If you have questions about what some of our expressions are, just ask. I am sure you will get at least three different answers. Are you from northern or southern Germany?

Mustangsheba: Thanks for answering...

I'm sure I will come up with some questions sooner or later. I'm actually from the middle of Germany, well, rather to the west, though. I've been moving around a bit and now I ended up (for the time being) in the Ruhr-area, a highly populated area. It still is very much a working-class area, though it is changing now. But in the medical ward you get elderly men who worked in the coal-mines a lot. Many of the hospitals you get here were formerly owned by some mine or another. There are no mines open today, though.

Can you - or anyone - just explain the differences between the degrees, I think I know what an RN is, but I'm not sure about the others.

In Germany, there is not much choice today. In the begin you can choose to go into adult nursing, pediatric nursing or work with the elderly, that's about it. You can specialize after your degree, but it seems very different from your system.


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