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Helene fuld rn to bsn

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This is my first post. :barefoot: I'm in school right now doing the LPN to RN and will be done by November 2014. (God Willing) However, I wanted to hear from any student that just graduated from Helene fuld RN to BSN. I know the first graduating class was this past May, and wanted to know how was the program. (Disorganized, hard or workload and how many papers in each class) I got an email that the RN to BSN just got accredited last month, so Im glad to hear that.. Also, If anyone know any good RN to BSN online programs I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance..

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wanted to add more info

Hello LeLeRN2b I m about to start at helene fuld can you please tell me how long it took you to complete and your experience in the program. Did you work while you were going to school?

The ADN program is 1 year after you take chem/math class. Also, I only worked on the weekends. If you have all your prerequisites (Eng 101, 102, sociology, psych, human dev, A&P1 & 2, Micro) Then you can work full time because you'll be only taking nursing courses. However, If you taking on a full load I will advise you to not work full time. The classes are challenging but do able, and you have a lot a reading to do. Only 3 exams then finals in each class. There's really not much room to play with. You will find that the school can be a little disorganized but don't let it get to you. The clinicals are great after the 1st week of lecture you out to the hospitals, oh the care plans are a nuisance. I wish you all the luck as long you follow the syllabus you will be fine. Don't read everything follow your syllabus because you will notice some topics are left out. Good luck.

Thanks so much. Can I ask you were you did your lpn? I did mine at veeb in 11 months. They to are a bit disorganized but the outlines and syllabus were what kept me organized.

I went to BALC Board of Ed lpn in Brooklyn. Helene fuld is the same way as long you follow it you good.

Hi everyone. I was thinking about applying to HF. Is the application process really long?

It depends if you applying for LPN to RN or RN to BSN..LPN to RN you have to apply now to start in January. Simple test (Math, Reading, Writing and Nursing question)

RN to BSN classes start in September. However, you can take the general ed classes to lessen the load and just start nursing classes in September..

So you think if i apply now for the lpn to rn, i can make the january class? And do they give you the option to take prerequisites with them first and then the nursing classes? I need all the prerequisites. I also wanted to do the 12 month program. Thank you for replying.

Yes. If you apply now you can make the Jan 2015 class. It will be 2 days a week. (Skills class n Math5weeks n chem 5 weeks) I just completed it in 12 months. Please understand it's 12 months after u complete the math n chem class...Once u done then your nursing class strat in April. First week lecture then u out to Clinicals the following week. It's real fast paced n it will go quick bc its 10weeks per quarter..Good Luck

Ok, I will get on it. I have an appointment next week with them. Thank you. And congratulations.

Thank you. Good luck again.

hello, regarding the care plan, can you recommend me some books that i can study how to write a good care plan? thx.

Hello do you have any tips on their exams I'm currently in their medsurge 1 class.

Do you know what nclex books they test from