Helen Ellis Hospital in Tarpon Springs, FL

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Does anyone work at Helen Ellis Hospital in Tarpon Springs, FL on the Gulf side near Clearwater Beach??

If so, can someone give me an opinion of this facility??



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It is a small hospital with relatively low pay and high pt's ratios. Good luck.

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I think the pay is competetive but have heard the same thing about the ratios. I haven't heard good things about it.

Good luck.



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Dear Gary,

I have worked at HEMH for 20 years. It's near where I live, pay is competitive, BUT...when UCH merged with us a few years back, everything changed. Experience is not a quality - they got rid of over a dozen wonderful nurses (from Education to Supervisor to Chemo nurses). Who know--if they monitor this site, I could be next??? Do yourself a favor and keep exploring.


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