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Hi im a nursing student.. this question concerns myself however. For, I dont remember, maybe the past 6 months, at random times i get this sharp pain in my chest. I push on it and it kind of goes away. So just 10 minutes ago when it happend i grabbed my stethascope and listened to my heart sounds. It seemed very fast. I counted for a full minute and got 96 bpm at the PMI. Now ill remind you.. i was layin in bed watchin tv getting ready to fall asleep. When i heard it i thought it sound a bit tachy, but im only in my first semester of nursing school so i second guess my findings. I listened to my boyfriends heart for kinda a comparison and his was much slower than mine was. The pain comes from kinda under my boob kinda lateral on the side where my heart is and i would say its a 4/10 on a pain skill when it happens. Is something wrong with me. Should i go to the doctors. When i was listening it as if you were tapping your finger.. I was trying to see if there was a kentucky or tennesse or whatever.. but like i said im not that sure what they really sound like.. im scared esp since my moms twin brother died of CAD when he was 39 and my mom now 45 was diagnosed with it also. Any suggestions..

oh and im a 21 year old female. i would assume to be healthy.. never had any major illnesses.. never even broken a bone for that matter..

also.. if i just slightly palpate the area its feels like my heart is throbbing out of my chest...

i have no health insurance and thats why im asking you guys.. If i went to the e.r. and they run all kinds of test.. it might not be anything.. but a huge bill that i cant afford esp right now

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While it is understandable to request an opinion from our many outstanding and experienced members, it is beyond their scope of practice (as well as against the site's Terms of Service) to offer any medical advice.

As you posted you have no health insurance, for your peace of mind you may want to do a search in your area for low-cost clinics, and make an appointment to get checked out.

Best to you!

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