Healthcare but probably not RN! Somebody PLEASE HELP!!!


So I have always said "one day I'll become a nurse" and now my chance is here, but my opinion of nursing has changed 180 degrees. Somebody please help me decide a path to choose and actually stick with. Here is the dealio:

I've completed a CNA program so that it would look better on my RN program applications; however always said I WILL NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR be a CNA. Well guess what I am? I started my disgusting sickening CNA job not long ago and I THINK IT'S TIME FOR ME TO QUIT. I can't stand the ****, ****, puss, rank smell, fat nasty lazy cry babies, disgusting sores with flakey chunky skin picked off all over the bedding, etc, etc!!!!!

Only problem is the place I work for wants to give me a free ride in the RN program. WHAT THE HECK DO I DO? :cry: I ABSOLUTELY HATE being a CNA. It is disgusting and even seeing what the RN's do in the hospital setting has completely turned me off of becoming an RN. PAPERWORK PAPERWORK PAPERWORK and yucky icky things like puss-filled sores and putting foley's up a stinky yoohoo and bloody dressing changes? G-R-O-S-S!!!!!! Some of my RN friends are trying to convince me to stay and possibly transfer to the lab or ekg or something so that I can still be employed by this place and do the 2 year RN program. They also said even if I don't like the "patient care" or "bedside nursing" aspect of being an RN that I should still enter the RN program and stick it out because there are sooooo many opportunities in nursing. But WHAT!!?!????? And please don't say home health because that is still yucky sick bloody poopy people that I will have to care for. Right?

So what other opportunities (if any) would really be readily available to me? What about the nurses who are hired to educate patients and families, usually in their homes, on equipment, etc. to be used? What is that called?

Is it worth it to do an RN program if I really don't even want to be an actual hospital or LTC or HH RN ultimately? (but something that possibly requires a BSN) or will I need MANY years bedside nursing experience to get any of these "other" jobs anyway?

Should I try rad-tech or??????something else??????

I am so lost and feel I am wasting my time and my life while I try things out and change my mind and decide and research. Please help any input would be greatly appreciated. :redpinkhe


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Hi there,

If you can't stand being a CNA, then don't waste your time becoming an RN. You will still have to clean poop, give enemas, clean nasty green wounds and the list goes on.... pretty much everything a CNA does and then some or rather a whole lot more, unless you can find a facility that has a dedicated CNA to one nurse :yeah: right! Good luck finding that!! Only in a perfect world! Don't mean to dampen your spirit. Just keepin' it real.

Try Lab, EKG, or radiology tech


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