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Healthcare experience (specifically for UBC)

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I'm planning on applying to UBC's BSN this fall, and in the meantime, I want to work on making my application more competitive.

I have a 3.8 GPA (with a 4.10 GPA in my last 30 credits) from a diploma in sport science and an associate of arts degree with a specialization in creative writing. My grades have improved steadily over my undergrad. I started with getting Bs and ended with straight As/ A+.

I'm finished with my prerequisites now, so I'm out of school and trying to figure out what is the best option for me to make my application more appealing. I've been volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding facility for the past year where I assist the riders in their lessons (we mainly get children with cerebral palsy or non-verbal autistic children).

Last summer I worked for a company that puts on camps for mentally and physically disabled youth (we primarily had people with down syndrome, but we really saw a huge range of different disorders) where I was in charge of running the horseback riding program (basically ensured that the riders had a safe experience and educated them about horses and riding as we led them on guided trail rides).

This is the only healthcare experience I have. I'm able to elaborate a lot more on it and explain the leadership role and how it really sparked my passion for working in the health field, but should I still plan on getting more healthcare experience? I'm going to start volunteering at a hospital next month (in addition to the therapeutic riding volunteering).

Would it help/ look better if I also found a job that is somewhat healthcare related? Right now I'm looking into a few physiotherapist assistant/ receptionist positions or a pharmacy assistant (there are a few jobs available right now where they'll train the applicant - so no previous training required). Or, do I have sufficient healthcare experience that I could get a job that I'm currently more trained for (anything in the equestrian industry) and will be making more money?

Any insight/ tips would be greatly appreciated!

Also, what kinds of questions do they ask in the supplemental application/ personal statement?

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