Health and Wellness (Psych) RN Position: Any Info on this?

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Hi all!

I have an interview scheduled for a "Health and Wellness RN" position at a local (urban) mental health agency that sees a lot of DMH clients. The position is new (for the agency), and I was told it would involve creating education programs, providing and supervising client & staff education, advising on the care of ~6 medically compromised psych patients (I assume in residential homes/programs). The position is part of a team (MD's, social workers, mental health workers, etc) and would include some supervision of outreach workers and other mental health workers.

Has anyone here had a position like this or know about a similar position? Also, I am a fairly new nurse-- I graduated 2 years ago, but have mostly been working part time and per diem (in psych), as I have spend the last 2 years completing my bachelor's in psychology (I have an ADN) full-time-- and I am a bit unsure about taking a supervisory position, esp. with medical advising, as I have never practiced in a medical setting (besides a brief stint as a CNA).

I have the interview in a couple days and will get more info then, but I was hoping to get some advice first!

Thanks, all-- *any* info would be appreciated:wink2:

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