WTH? Drama at work....

  1. I am an LPN working full time in a facility where I feel I am totally being harrassed by my staff under me. I am the sup. on my shift, but a few of the people under me keep shoving my ass under the bus and I am up to my scalp with this. I am not being rude, nor yelling or ever have I asked my girls to do anything they should not. I really don't have time to be doing that, I have a job of my own.

    So I want to record the conversations between the girls and me to avoid more problems at work, plus, I want to use this as a learning tool for me, so if I am in fact doing something or sounding with attitude I can hear it myself and correct the problem if it is indeed me.

    Problem::::: I was told I cannot record the girls, it is an invasion of their privacy. Okay, I said I have told thenm I am carrying a recorder, no problem no complaint from the girls, but my employer sais no. I feel I need to do this to protect my job and my reputation. I live in a State where if one person knows about the recording then it is legal. So can I tiill do this?

    OI feel like I am being harrassed and am sick of this!
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  3. by   Elladora
    I absolutely would NOT carry a tape recorder for several reasons. First, your employer told you not to. If you do anyway, they will have grounds for disciplinary action. Second, it's a potential HIPAA violation.

    As I replied in one of the other threads you posted about this same issue, I think you need to start looking for a new job. This job is not a good fit for you. Sometimes you have terrible co-workers and there is no getting around it. It sounds like you have done what you can to "fix" this problem and it's not gotten any better. Unfortunately, you may or may not be labeled as a trouble maker/drama llama. (Not saying it's justified, just saying it could happen). Once that happens, you are fighting all uphill.
  4. by   Pets to People
    It wouldn't matter if you recorded them because it would be completely inadmissable in court or for any other legal action.