Trouble balancing work and kids

  1. Hi, I am a new nurse and also a single mom. Currently job hunting for jobs anywhere, the problem is that as a new nurse all I seem to be able to get is night shifts (2nd & 3rd), which instructors warned us about in school. I would like to know if anyone was able to find non traditional nursing jobs that are first shift (open when daycares are, 6a-6p) and do not mandate staying over. Are there any stay at home nursing jobs...that allow new grads? I have looked into doctors offices, health departments, etc... they all want experience. Has anyone else been in my situation? What solution did you come up with?
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  3. by   swansonplace
    School nurse.
  4. by   RN&mom
    It will be temporary but as fall approaches look into flu clinics. I work them in the fall for extra cash before Christmas but most will hire new grads. The one I work for I get paid an hourly wage plus a bonus based on the number of injections I do (it's at a retail store but through a third party). I know some people in larger areas work 40hrs a wk from end of August on doing this. There's not many clinics in my area plus I work 40+ hrs wk... Not exciting work but it would be money and experience. If you are really interested and need details private message me, I'll give you the name of who I work for, maybe they're in your area too?
  5. by   RedDiamond
    Thank you!!! That would be perfect right now, I will look into it.
  6. by   elprup
    Yes, school nurse. Try ( or it is, cannot remember). Pay is usually kind of low, and usually zero orientation, but good hours. They usually want an interim school nuse cert which you can apply for and get for $. I forgot how much it is. I am sure if you search school nurse posts you can find out. Then you have 5 years to get school nurse certificate if you complete extra education. And they usually want 3 letters of recommendation with job application.