Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself...really/

  1. I just want to encourage anyone who wants to change or improve their health in any way as far as eating, working out, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social. whatever it be, you come first. Take care of yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

    I dont know if its the season, as fall is my season, but I feel really great and optimistic about things. Things havent changed but my thinking about them have and I eel so much better. This all became effective when I started eating so much healthier and taking care of myself.

    I have come to believe that there is the best in all of us, its there but like anything great, we have to work hard to get it. So take care of yourself, your health, your heart, your life. Everything else rests upon the Lord. It's a beautiful feeling to feel content and great when all around you may still be imperfect. I've always wished for that, and Im achieving it so I encourage anyone who needs it, please strive, you are worth every fight.

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  3. by   cn2007rn
    Good post! Thanks! My doctor says to improve yourself, you have to "marry" yourself, meaning you take care of yourself and make the commitment to improve what you want to improve whether it's weight loss, exercise, anxiety...I think of that when I am trying to motivate myself.