Protein shakes?

  1. Has anyone tried protein shakes for a meal replacement (Herbalife or one of the better-quality GNC brands)? Any recommendations? I have some Herbalife chocolate protein that is really yummy, but would like to possibly try others that I can get from GNC.
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  3. by   deeDawntee
    I found a really good deal on a huge bag of whey protein from Sam's club. I don't remember the exact price, but it definitely was a much better deal than GNC and as far as I can tell, just as good. They have vanilla and chocolate and maybe even cappucino flavors...very good.
  4. by   Josh L.Ac.
    I use Labrada's Lead Body shakes almost exclusively and I highly recommend them. They are more expensive than some other brands, but their ingredients are worth the extra penny. High quality protein, high quality carbohydrate blend [not just maltodextrin, it has fiber] and a great taste.

    Pricing is better online. Check out:|6458&id=191
  5. by   alkaleidi
    If you are open to e-shopping, skip GNC and go to -- we use Higher Power brand protein, 100% Whey Power. It's like $32 for 5lbs of protein powder, and it's VERY good. No gritty taste, no bad artificial sweetener aftertaste, and it's a good "bang for your buck": 1 scoop has 25g protein, and only 133 calories. And looking at the site, 5lbs = 67 scoops (roughly). My boyfriend is a correctional officer, I'm a nurse. He works out like a bodybuilder, and I like the fact that a shake increases my protein intake and gives me "good" energy for long shifts... here's a link directly to the stuff:

    The site is secure -- we've placed several orders. We have both the chocolate and vanilla... they're both good, but the vanilla is a little more versatile (I put frozen yogurt and mixed frozen berries from Walmart in for a protein smoothie, and then you can put a little chocolate syrup in with milk if you want chocolate another day).

    There are TONS of other protein powders on the website, protein bars, too. Check it out -- LOTS of good stuff, prices are affordable (shipping isn't that bad and if you order enough, you get free items with your order).

    Good luck!