New Nurse Anxiety!!

  1. Hi there.

    New nurse here.. I am starting my first job as a nurse tomorrow and I am somewhat nervous, or should I say.. down right terrified.

    I'm not so much worried about the actual work, I think I can manage.. I'm more concerned about fitting in with the other nurses... I have extreme social anxiety... so I'm not great at making good working realationships with coworkers. I'm terrified that I'm going to do something to mess up this great opportunity at some stage.

    I was just wondering if any seasoned nurses out there would be kind enough for sharing any social survival techniques and what orientation will be like?

    I doubt I'll have to do anything tomorrow but im still dreading the thought of not making a good impression!! Gahh
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Congratulations on your first job. Fitting in with co-workers doesn't have to be terribly difficult. You just have to appear friendly and interested in them. Ask a questions and listen to them talk . . . If you're on break, you ask them a question about the city. (I moved for my first job, although I understand that not everyone does.) Comment about the weather or something interesting about the local news. (Make your comments as cheerful and upbeat as you can. No one likes being around someone who is always negative.) This is probably an area in which you can safely fake it 'til you make it. As opposed to the actual work part of it.

    Smile and introduce yourself to everyone you meet on the job; don't wait for them to introduce themselves. A surprising number of us have some form of social anxiety or introversion. If you need to, make a habit of studying the front page of the newspaper (or your news app's "morning brief") for a few minutes in the morning for something to chat about. This serves two purposes -- it will also make you look smart.

    The more it seems as though you like your colleagues and are interested in them, the more they'll like you. So don't take yourself off in a corner to chart or chart in your patient's room (unless there's a real danger of them ripping out their lines and going walkabout). Listen to your colleagues talk -- remember what they're interested in so you can ask them about that topic later.
  4. by   GreenJellyBeans
    Thank you so much for your advice, I really needed that!

    Today went okay, they were all nice.. well to me atleast. I noticed that one new RN gets bullied and the other nurses are always ******** about some other nurse in the lunch room (this will probably be me in a few weeks)

    The director of nursing said that "we eat our young in nursing" at least she's honest. I'm just scared I'm going to be the prey because I'm the least experienced in the hospital and quite awkward with patients and coworkers. Today was the first time I really have been exposed to talking and assisting patients, I feel a bit embarrassed about my lack of knowledge. I guess I just want to find ways to grow a thick skin quickly. I just asked questions and laid low. But tomorrow I'm kind of on my own, I hope I'm going to be able to survive. It seems like a ****** environment but I guess that must be the same everywhere? I wish I could be able to toughen up and not take it personally... thanks for the advice I really reeeally appreciate a response to my venting haha thank you.