Med error- manager told everyone at meeting and made me explain - page 2

Need advice from seasoned nurses on how to get past a med error when others won't let me. I'm a new nurse of 7 months. I accidentally gave humalog instead of humalin N. Followed all the protocol... Read More

  1. by   tobesmartt
    The manager should do meds for 2 weeks without any'll shut her up. Since she thinks she is so perfect. YOU hang in there ok. Inform her boss how this is not professional . YOU are an adult. things like this should be private. Blabber mouth poor of excuse manager.
  2. by   CSARmedic
    Gee, another lousy nursing manager. Man, how rare!
  3. by   Dean7
    Yes I agree with the other poster who said the manager could have created an anonymous presentation of this error so that everyone will still benefit from learning from the error, yet spare you any unnecessary spotlight. The manager herself probably has made a few med errors in her time. But of course wouldn't volunteer to humiliate herself. Does the extra humiliation really help make people learn more from the event, or just disturbs and upsets people so much that it does more harm? That is the question. And obviously you weren't making the mistake on purpose, so the extra humiliation by public outing is a bit too harsh of a response.

    Sometimes there is so much going on that similar sounding medication errors happen. In fact once pharmacy put in the med cart a med for hydro-something when the med was hydrochlorothiazide or something like even pharm makes mistakes!

    Maybe look up a search on "med errors made" and learn that many others have made med errors..and that will make youserlf not feel like your'e the only one. Because you absolutely aren't the only one!!
  4. by   EmergencyRNBSN
    This is a terrible approach by your manager.

    It completely discourages staff to feel comfortable admitting medication errors that may happen in the future.

    I would definitely suggest talking to your manager about it and saying that you felt disrespected by her actions and see where that conversation goes prior to just up and quitting your job though.