Kava and other stress reducing tips?

  1. I recently started working nights, and am amazed at how much extra sleep I need on my days off. I also have difficulty coming home from a 12 (usually 12.5 to 13) hour shift and falling asleep in an hour so that I can sleep eight hours and go back for another shift.

    A coworker mentioned that kava tea relaxes her. I tried the tea, and also a tincture (it tastes terrible --even when I mix it in something). When I awaken after taking the tincture, I feel as though I have slept well --and as though I am refreshed.

    After reading several posts on this forum, I am going to try working out for 30m after some of my shifts. --That is going to be hard for me as I am so bone-tired after them. Does anyone have any tips?

    I have also quit caffeine.

    I consider myself a night owl. Left to my own devices, I would get up anywhere from noon to 3p and go to sleep around 4a to 7a.
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