Feeling stressed out over cna job

  1. Recently, I started to work at a long term care facility, and I've gotten into the general routine of doing most of my duties as a cna. However, a part that I struggle with is speed. In fact, one of the cna's who has been assigned to 'train me' reminds me constantly that we are 'way behind', and that I need to 'hurry up' when I take vitals.

    I understand the need for speed and efficiency, because we have around 20 residents in our hall, and only two hours (or so) to take vitals before we chart them. However, I just feel really discouraged and incompetent because that is all I ever really hear from her about my progress even when I try my best, and tell myself to do better than before each time. She seems to know that and she says that she's not trying to be 'snippy' or a you-know-what, but I just feel so pressured because every time I try harder than the last, she just sighs and let's me know that we are 'SO behind', instead of being a bit more encouraging. I'm sure she had the same problem when she first started working here.

    I feel frustrated because she just 'expects' me to get X amount of residents done in Y amount of time, but my natural inclination from what I've been taught in class and clinicals is that accuracy is important, and that residents aren't just something to 'check off'. She tells me that instead of answering every call light that goes on, focus on getting what's on my list done first. But what if that call light is an emergency?

    I tried to ignore my unhappiness, chalking it up to being a full-time student, and it being the night shift, but it just keeps returning to my mind. I've actually cried a little over it (it's because I was so exhausted and my legs hurt) when I got home, but I'm over it now. Another thing is that the other cna I was assigned with is kind of condescending and makes me feel like a waste of space because she doesn't want me to help her, even though that is why I'm there in the first place. When I'm confused about something, and I ask her, she just sighs like I'm a three-year old who knows nothing, and replies impatiently in a tone that just makes me feel stupid for even bothering to voice my question.

    I just needed to vent, I guess. But if anyone has some advice/tips or input on what I should do (that would help), I would be grateful. Thanks for listening (or reading).
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  3. by   rosey35cna
    I just wanted to say hang in there. You will get better as time goes by.