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There's a project just being started to obtain health records for patients of the free clinics and short term missions trips to Latin America. Currently the record keeping system is very poor. It's start up place is Guatemala, but the plan is to expand it over time. I know the person who is trying to do this and he has a great heart -- had a long history of computer work and is now trying to put those skills to use for good.

Another focus of the project is to enable doctors/nurses/dentists/opthamologists to consult with specialists around the world concerning specific patients via an intranet system. I can't imagine being the sole health care provider of a village...unable to consult with other professionals.

Anyway, I'm just trying to help him network with others who have a heart for medical relief work, such as yourselves. Post on the forums if you feel you can contribute. I wanted to post something on the forum to get the ball rolling, but I don't have any experience in this kind of work.

btw, he has lots of requests from other countries right now, and he wants to help them all, but is very focused and busy with guatemala at the moment. nontheless, any feedback or questions are welcomed, I'm sure.

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Could you tell us anything about the safety of the workers/volunteers there?



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No, but if you post on the forum you might be able to get an answer. :) I've only visited there for about a week (did not do any healthcare work) and it is a beautiful country with a lot of poverty. They have a good number of healthcare workers (courageous folks), just not enough.

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