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Thompson Launches "Decade of Health Information Technology"

Strategic Report Outlines Steps to Implement Widespread Adoption of Electronic Health Records and New Nationwide Interoperable Health Information Network

HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson today released the first outline of a 10-year plan to transform the delivery of health care by building a new health information infrastructure, including electronic health records and a new network to link health records nationwide. At the same time, he announced a number of new action steps to help advance health information technology immediately

"America needs to move much faster to adopt information technology in our health care system," Secretary Thompson said as he released the action report ordered by President Bush. "Electronic health information will provide a quantum leap in patient power, doctor power, and effective health care. We can't wait any longer."

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WASHINGTON, July 21, 2004 - The Defense Department will share its expertise using electronic health care records as part of a government initiative that aims to establish and link such a system nationwide by the end of the decade.

Making electronic record-keeping part of the public health care system would improve medical care and save money, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy G. Thompson noted here today at the HHS-sponsored Secretarial Summit on Health Information Technology.

Across-the-board implementation of health information technology could save the nation about $130 billion a year in health costs, Thompson said. And, he added, use of electronic medical records likely would improve the nation's correct medical treatment rate, currently at 55 percent.

"Don't you think, in America, we deserve (medical) treatment that's better than 55 percent correct?" Thompson asked his audience.

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