Health Information/Informatics vs N.P. and salary


I have gotten so much different advice from My Professors.

I have 90 credit hours, and could finish a Bachelors this year, and get my masters in Health informatics in the next. However, there in a Nursing school around me that offers weekend/evening. 1 clinical per week, and one lecture in the evening per week. Program duration is 28 months though. Reason I brought up weekend/evening ---I battle sleep disorders, it's not insomnia, it's a circadian rythym, where no matter how many pills I could take, I do not go to bed before 3 A.M....So basically, I can sleep 6-7 hours if I sleep at 3 A.M AKA not insomnia---

I have talked to some of my old professors for advise, Health Information/Informatics vs N.P. Obviously the goal, get through nursing, and go N.P. Obviously this is a longer route than a masters in Health Information. However, when I talked to one of my old profs, who is an M.D Endocrinologist( my communiations teacher was a lawyer, my school didn't play when they hire staff ) was talking to me and I was shocked about salary. He mentioned Nurses are paid 60-70k, and he had friends who started as NPs at 125k? I thought these numbers were over blown. Is this accurate? The area I live in has a median average income 10% below the national average.

I live in what you guys call an "Independent State." I am just at a cross roads. I know salary doesn't foster everything, and I didn't come here to offend. However, salary is a factor. I know of a social worker who went 100k in debt to get their masters, making 42k. She found out her last year of undergrad, she needed grad school....and you could tell she regretted it. So I am saying, salary is a factor.

Also, you read "Horror" Stories of how nurses are catty to each other, charge nurses vs new comers etc. I love A&P....if I could just sit in AP classes as a career I would do it for 80k. However, lets face have to apply that knowledge.

So because how I think, "Matter of fact", and all the timid horror stories of nurses, I know I would have to go N.P or nothing, if I chose Nursing. I also was told, nurses take home their documentation and spend so much extra time, whereas N.Ps tend to get that done in office, and have better lives AKA more time for life. I don't know if that is true nor makes sense. I guess Nurses( not NPs ), either like their job and invest so much, they hate their life...or nurses Love their life, but dislike their job. Almost like an awkward dissonance.

Anyone's thoughts on the salary and above? Again do not mean to offend anyone of salary.