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Hello, folks! I was recently offered this position, and I just have some general questions about the nature of the work (LA County). My background is I have 5 years of experience as an RN with 2 years being a Nurse Lead at my current job at a local hospital. 

Some questions I have:

1. How is the culture like compared to hospital nursing or bedside nursing in general?
2. How many facilities do you visit per week/month?
3. Can you work from home, and if so, how often?
4. Since you can no longer work in typical places that are surveyed, such as hospitals and SNFs, where might I get a part-time nursing job?

If anyone here could help me out, that would be so helpful. 



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Have you started? I just applied for a job and was wondering if I can ask questions 😊


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hi @Pidokenny , can you give us an update on how the job is??  I'm looking into this job also and very interested with it. Tnx

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