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This will be my third summer as a camp nurse, second as head nurse. Last summer was extremely stressful, so many long hours and expectations. I am endeavoring to make this summer more enjoyable for my staff and myself. Wondering if some camp nurses out there can tell me how they handle work hours. Do you work shifts, or all day? How does on call work? How many days off do you get each week?


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I can't really answer any of your questions had I am the only permanent health staff on site. I am trained as a Advanced Medical First Responder. We also have a pediatric ER doc who stays at camp for most of the summer but he only sees the patients I refer to him. I am in charge from the time our campers get up to the time they go to bed. I am also the one in charge when something happens at night. This only happened a couple of times last year. The normally just come and knock on my door as I sleep in the health center. I get 12 hours off every 7-10 days like everyone else.

I would to know how other nurses that are alone manage time off. During our first session, a mom/nurse who visits camp and once worked as the camp nurse replaces me when I'm off or have to go to appointments/ER. It's a little bit harder during our second session when different camp leaders replace me. I think I am going to try training 2-3 staff to replace me this summer. I was told I didn't have to do this last year (my first time) but it didn't turn-out so well.

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