Health Care Jobs Durring School

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I am entering LPN school in July. There are three semesters in our program.

I need a job, and would like to get one that is atleast somewhat related to nursing or health care.

I've worked at an Assisted Living facility before, and loved it, I would love to work as an activities assistant or resident assistant again. All the Assisted Living facilities in my area are very far away, the closest one is the one I use to work at, which is a 30 minute drive if there is no traffic.

I do not currently have any certification, just a high school diploma, First Aid and CPR, but I don't even have my cards because my previous mployer never gave them back to me. I also can not do heavy lifting as I am pregnant.

I also do not have a vehicle or license right now, so I might have to wait a while to get a job unless I can find reliable transportation. I deliver October 13th, should I wait so I can get a job that requires lifting?

If I had my own vehicle and license I would be willing to do some volunteer work for experience.

What are my options? What kind of jobs should I aply for? If I could find something close to home that I could get a ride to or walk to I would do volunteer work.

Are there any other ways to get experience while in school in addition to working and volunteering?

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