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healing incisions?

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Im now 3 weeks post op from bilateral reduction mammoplasty. Have seen the surgeon twice for checkups and he says everything going Ok, last visit almost a week ago. I have "anchor" incisions, half moon under each breast with an incision from bottom of areola to meet it in the middle.

Most are healing pretty good (complete with itching)!

But where the 2 lines meet, under each breast, an area that forms a small triangle, has been goopy and draining since the beginning. Last week the doc gave me an Rx for Silver sulfadiazine 1 % cream, told me to heavily coat them and bandage them daily.

Who can talk to me about this? It seems so slow to heal and looks really yucky (yellow and black). Doc sounds like this is so normal...


how much longer until I have skin there again??

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All being well about 3 weeks - make sure your diet is up to scratch. i.e plenty of zinc and vit C which is green leafy veges and fruit. Get out and exercise and it should start healing up soon.

Fingers crossed for you!!

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