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Heads up to those applying to Inver next year....

Hey, I am currently on the waitlist at Inver hills. I will get in for Spring semester but I went to a meeting at Inver yesterday for people who are on the waitlist. Turns out they are completely changing the program requirements for admittance next year, and they are not giving people a lot of time to get ready for this big change.

Here are the new program requirements

Min 10 Credits at a MNTC school

GPA of 3.0 or

4 Credit Bio class in the past 5 years

Math 0940 W/ C or higher or Intermediate Algebra within past 2 years

College Level English within the last 5 years

A & P 1 with C or better in the past 5 years

Med Dosages Completed with C or better

NLN pre admission exam 110 or better score

They are completely getting rid of the patient care requirement! These are the things they will look at for admittance. I just wanted to throw this out there just in case someone may see it since they are not sure when they are getting the requirements posted on the website and I would have wanted to know ASAP.


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This is so bad! Thanks for posting though. I'm hoping 13 bewteen the two semesters drop so I can join you for Spring! otherwise I may be effed. :p

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patient care does not count at all? I am starting a CNA class next week. Do you think it's not worth taking then if I don't need to get a CNA job??

And 5 years on the english huh, I think mine is 7 years old :( Any english class?

No they are not looking at patient care at all. You may want to get a job in patient care because I feel like it has helped me get familiar with people/medications/etc and other programs may keep it. For instance I know century still has it as a requirement. I'm not specifically sure about the English course. I think they were talking about general English 101. I would email the nursing department and get specifics, since they have still not posted any information about this up on the website....

Thank you. I just called and the CNA license is still required, just not patient care, so I will keep my CNA class.... I am hoping to get into the U of M but want Inver/Century as a back up plan.

Woops, yes I did not specify that. You need the CNA class but the actual hours that used to be required are not anymore. Good luck!!


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