Headache: ADN or BSN?

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i know another ADN vs BSN thread is probably gunna get lost in the muck but i just wanted to ask

My parents are pushing me toward BSN but i'd rather get my ADN and just get my BS later

They're paying for me to go to college so its kinda hard to argue with them

Am i being hard headed and the BSN is the way to go or would an ADN be fine? Plus im horrible at chemistry, ADN doesnt require it but getting your BSN does except for one school in my state (MS)

I'm getting frustrated especially since im still doing my pre-requesites and already its becoming an issue

a little guidence would be nice

thank you:)

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If your parents are going to cover your costs, do the BSN. It will benefit you in the long run. That semester of chemistry will be long behind you before you know it.

Some ADN nurses plan on going back to do their BSN, and then never do. It can be hard once you start working to go back to school. My advice is to get it all over with now, especially if it's free.

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I'm an ADN currently in progress of earning my BSN/MSN. My advice is, if it's free take it! I predict the longer you wait, the more expensive it will be.

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I agree with the others.

1. Depending on where you live, your job options with an ADN may be very limited. You'll have more choices with a BSN.

2. A lot of people SAY they will go back for the BSN later, and then never do it. Then they regret it later when their careers get stalled.

3. If you parents have saved for you college and the money is available now, take advantage of it. Who knows? The money might not be available later.

4. The only reason you gave for not wanting to get the BSN now is chemistry. Your struggles with that are solvable -- no reason to handicap your career over it. Get a tutor from the beginning of the class. Don't wait until you fall behind. Be pro-active and get the help you need to succeed in that class. It's silly to base such a big career decision on a problem like this one that can be solved with a little extra planning and effort.

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