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Head Start Screenings

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Hi everyone! I am a new Head Start school nurse. As the new school year begins, new students are being screened and I have come across several vision and hearing screenings that are over a year old. My director believes that we will be out of Head Start compliance if they are over a year. Does anyone know if these screenings for new students have to be within the year of their start date?? Please any help is appreciated!

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Former Head Start nurse here. Yes all screenings need to by within the past year. We held a health fair in the fall to get as many screened as possible. If your program doesn't have screening equipment check with your local Lion's Club for vision screenings, some of them even do hearing screenings. We also worked with a med school and med students and their instructor (peditrician) came to the health fair and did physicals. Involved the community in your program if you can.

Hi! Have been with Head Start for three years now. We test all students every year, unless they have an official, with tympanometry, hearing test done within the last year. We start with kids that have nothing on their physicals, and finish up the rest of the students, as all need to be completed within 45 days. I hope you enjoy Head Start, it can be very rewarding!

Hi! Thank you so much for your reponses. I have tried to schedule screenings for our school. Unfortunately, the hearing screening will be after the 45th day and I cannot find a vendor for our vision screening. We do not have the equipment needed to provide the screenings ourselves. Any suggestions?