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Hi - Has anyone ever had a pregnant patient who was consistently hcg-negative throughout? A year or so ago I may have - a young woman in 2nd or 3rd trimester came in with her mom who said all her pregnancies were also without levels. These were average, middle-class people who seemed moderately intelligent. They were both calm, and amused, about the issue. The mom said her dr told her she wasn't pregnant for a long time before it became too obvious, then with subsequent pregnancies they just waited & did the ultrasound. By her description, the pregnancies were normal in every other way with no complications, no known history of miscarriage.

I am wondering, is there a small segment of the population for whom the good-old blood or urine hcg test is consistently false negative? Any opinions on this? Thanks!

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I was like that till about six months. They said they could not figure out why. I obviously was pregnant LOL. I had four pregancies, all like that , even the two later ones I miscarried.

I also needed pit assistance even though I started labor naturally. They said I did not manufacture enough of the hormones for effective progression/dilation. I wonder if the two could be related as far as deficiency.



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Hi Renarian - did any dr/other tell you anything interesting like why this might be the case, or some other way to verify pregnancy if the hcg level doesn't read? Seems we place too, too much value on our labs. I saw a pt recently who years ago had a tubal reversal, now in a situation where she could be pregnant but hcg was neg so dr sent her home. She looked pregnant to me but too early to be sure. Said she felt pregnant. Many past pregnancies and no miscarriages.

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