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HCC/USF new concurrent program


I am currently taking my nursing pre-reqs at HCC. I know they have a new 3+1 program with USF, so I went to speak to an adviser about it. Essentially, he had no answers for me and just kept telling me, "I don't know...it's too new." :(

I know what I need to take to apply to the RN program at HCC, but I am confused as to how I would get "synched up" to USF as well. Does anyone have any information, or better, is anyone in this new program that could give me some feedback?

Also, I wondering what the difference is between trying this new program or just applying to USF for the upper division.

Thank you for reading!

To my understanding the HCC concurrent program did not work out to well with the first batch of cohorts, so they are reevaluating the program.

I'm not sure if this would be an option for you but Baycare offers a program where you can work for them while in the SPC RN program and in exchange receive tuition assistance. It seems like a great program with a guaranteed job after! It's just something to consider. You can always do the RN to BSN bridge program at USF when that times comes.

If you call USF nursing they can provide more information.

I was just accepted into the fall nursing program for HCC this week and I'm so excited! I've also talked to an advisor at the Brandon campus and she told me the same thing! She eventually went around asking other advisors on staff if they knew anything regarding the new program and one person had a handful of information. It's only for acceptance into HCC's fall semester and you'd simultaneously take courses through USF online. By the end of HCC's program you have to take the NCLEX and become an RN. After that you continue with USF's program until you reach the required 120 credits. Here's the curriculum: Curriculum - ASN to BS - USF Health - Tampa, Florida

and heres additional information: USF Health News USF and HCC offer concurrent bachelor's degree in nursing