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HCA Hospital??

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I am currently in school for my ADN and talked to an LPN student today. She told me that HCA hospitals do not use RN's on med-surg floors. She said that only the charge nurse is an RN and that all of the others are LPN's. She also said that HCA pays their LPN's $18/per hour. From what I hear, most hospitals around here start RN grads out at $18-21 an hour so I am kinda wondering if this is really the case.

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It is the VA system that uses a team of 2-3 LPNs with an RN as team manager on the med-surg floors. From what I understand, HCAs are heading toward RNs rather than LPNs on med-surg since the duties that LPNs may perform are, of course, more limited as a matter of licensing. (Can't do assessments, dismiss, etc.) (Not to knock LPNs--most work like sled dogs.) HCAs pay very well, and use shift bidding for extra incentive to work in light of the "nursing shortage" by providing more pay and job satisfaction--freedom to choose as well as the $$$$.

Nursing is the hardest job anyone can do apart from slave labor--except perhaps working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea. Not to denote nurses as slaves--it's just one of the most demanding jobs there is if done right. And HCAs are a great place to get a chance to do a good job.

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