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HBU Nursing program spring 2015

by EsmeG EsmeG Member

Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone else has applied to the HBU nursing program for the spring of 2015? I'm so excited and nervous! Does anyone have an idea of the usual scale of GPAs or Hesi scores that are accepted at HBU?

I applied to HBU for Spring 2015. I'm nervous too, just playing the waiting game now. The nursing advisor who took my app said that competitive HESI scores are anywhere from 85-90 on all sections. I'm not sure what a competitive GPA would be for that school, but I'm assuming it would need to be a little higher than the minimum. Also, they take their students over outside students. Good luck, I hope we both get in!

Thank you! Good luck to you too! This waiting process has me so worried!! I hope we both get in! I've heard great things about HBU

So have I, but I've also read a few negatives on here. I don't really believe any of the negatives though because I've had nothing but good experiences with them so far. Everyone there is super nice-especially sweet little Ms. Venda! :)

do you currently attend HBU? i am so anxious, i've been checking my emails and mailbox everyday, hoping to receive a letter already! did you apply to any other nursing schools?

No, I don't go to HBU, do you? I've never taken a class there. When I dropped off my app Ms. Luksetich told me that they would be sending out e-mails the second week of Oct. So we should know by next week!! I've been checking my e-mail compulsively anyway though. Lol. I also applied to HCC Coleman. I got an e-mail last week saying that upon completion of Pharmacology (which I'm taking now) I will receive a conditional acceptance letter, so that's my back-up plan. I really want to go to HBU though!!-not only because I trust it's a way better school, but also because it's a bachelors program. If I go to Coleman I'll have to bridge over. Did you apply to any other schools??

Congrats on your acceptance to HCC Coleman! Yeah I get what you mean, I rather go to HBU too if I was in your shoes. I don't go to HBU either. I only applied to HBU, because 1: it's the only school I had time to apply to and 2: because they have such a great nursing program! I'm putting all of my faith into HBU, I hope I get an email soon!

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Me too!! Fingers crossed! Hopefully by Monday

Hey girls!

I'm so glad you started an HBU page because I've been meaning to do that. I am currently a student at HBU and have applied for Spring 2015. I applied last semester for Fall admittance while I was still at a community college but was denied. I didn't have any more classes to take so I made the decision to attend HBU this fall and take the Theology, Logic and English course they require. I have spoken with many students who are in the program right now and was told they do accept their current students over transfer students and that many of them were accepted once they were a current student but that transfer students are also accepted. I don't want that to deter you at all... This is just here-say from what students have told me. I know last semester the advisor told me they had about 200 students apply (normally they have about 150 apply) and that the group was highly competitive. I'm hoping that spring semester will have less applicants and will increase the chance for us to get in.

I hope we all are accepted because now being a current student I can tell you this university is amazing and the professors are wonderful! It's like I'm in a different world where everyone cares and is compassionate about their teaching.

Please post on here if you receive any letters and I will do the same!!

Good luck to you! I hope we all get in! Do you know what gpa they usually take in? Or what's the lowest Gpa you've heard of a transfer student to get in?

I have heard the lowest is around a 3.3 but that certain semesters the GPA range is lower. I know the counselor said last semester they had 3 students who had a 4.0 GPA and extremely high HESI scores which she said was rare to have 3 students with those stats all in the same semester. From talking to other students, everyone has around a 3.5 or higher and 90+ on the HESI.

I have a 3.5 GPA and made a 90 on my HESI. I know there are a lot of students who have much better scores than I do so I'm definitely praying for an acceptance letter. What is your GPA and HESI score?

I have a 3.4 overall gpa, 3.5 science gpa and I also made a 90 on my Hesi. I feel like the odds aren't in my favor, but I'm hoping for the best! I heard that it's less competetive in the spring semester than it is in the fall.

Well, don't be discouraged! I thought I would get an acceptance letter right off the bat from the schools I applied to last semester and I was sadly mistaken. I just had to pick myself back up and keep going.

I do agree that spring is less competitive because traditionally students are admitted in the fall. Last semester I received my denial letter on April 8th (deadline was March 15th) so I am thinking we will receive a letter within the next week, if not sooner. I think your GPA is great and so is your HESI score! Making an A on that exam is definitely not easy so be very proud of yourself.

Are you applying to any other schools? I applied to TWU and UT but am unsure if I even stand a chance. I was accepted into Lamar Universities' BSN program last semester but I just wasn't sure that was a smart choice.. I'd rather be at a school in Houston.

Thanks :) The only hopes I have is because of my Hesi score! Lol. I made a 96 on the a&p section and one of the nursing advisors told me they go off of a point system and they look at the science grades the most, (Since classes like humanities aren't that important in the nursing field). I only applied to HBU, because I knew my chances would be slim at UT health and TWU. But If things don't work out at HBU, I'll try there again and I'll try other nursing schools too for the fall.

Yeah Houston nursing schools are way better than most, and it'd be easier if you live in the area anyway.

What gpa did you have when you applied for the fall, if you don't mind me asking?

Hi Ashley! I agree, I was definitely impressed with the admin at HBU, everyone was very nice and helpful throughout my whole application process. I'm sure their nursing staff is the same. Before HBU I went over to A&M PV to inquire about which of my classes would transfer, etc..and the lady I spoke to was very rude to me, it was like I was an inconvenience to them, so needless to say I didn't even end up applying there. I only applied to HBU and Coleman. I think you are probably guaranteed a slot, since you're already a student there. My overall GPA is a 3.8, but my HESI scores are 84-Read, 84-AP, 92-Grammar, and 92-Math, so I'm not sure if that will be good enough. We will see :geek::geek:

Sorry for replying so late.. I've been at work all day.

Last semester when I applied I had a 3.5 GPA and 87 on my HESI exam. And I'm not sure if I'm guaranteed a spot but I am so praying for it! I check my email religiously and am anxious all day long because I know we will be receiving the decision letters soon.

I also didn't like Prairie View, they are ranked in the 250's on a list of best nursing schools in the nation. UT Health, HBU, TWU and UTMB are in the top 30. UT is #4 I think so that's why I feel I don't stand a chance.

It all just depends on how we compare to the other students who are applying at this time. It's just so competitive! Do you know exactly which classes count towards the science GPA for HBU? TWU was one of my top choices, but I bombed my TEAS! I got accepted into HCC Coleman for Spring 2015, but I'm not sure if I should go ahead and start there in Jan, or enroll full time at HBU and re-apply like you did. (Assuming I don't get accepted into HBU this app period.)

I know the main classes are: A&P 1 and 2, Micro, and Chem. They never really said any other courses had any significance. Just that you had to take Nutrition if you took regular chemistry.

And my bestfriend is at UT Health, this is her first semester, and the nursing coach that works for the school told them by 2017 or 2019 that it will be a national law that any nurse working on the floor in a hospital must have their BSN or a higher degree. So just in case you can afford to wait another semester, I would definitely consider it. Because the ADN program is 2 years of clinicals just like the BSN program so you'd be waiting 1 more semester and have your bachelors degree when you graduate.