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Hawaii Travel... car/room?


Moving july 14th for travel in oahu at the icu in straub. anybody have some connections with somebody who would have a cheap reliable island car for sale or a cheap room for share. been craigslist hunting tryin to find some cheap places and rides. figured maybe i could find a travel nurse that would have somebody reliable to help hook it up!

What is your agency offering you in terms of housing and transport? Just curious, I am also up for an assignment and it is my first travel job and I also seem to be on my own and everything in HI is EXPENSIVE. Almost makes it not worth it.

It's not. I left early be I was always getting called off. I had to fight with my company for a rental car and other expenses. It's not worth the pay or aggravation.

What agency is it? Could always ask for a rental. Either that or keep checking Craigslist.