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Hawaii state, requires CGFNS and English exam?

yjaqeel yjaqeel (New) New

Hi, I am new here. Does Hawaii state, requires CGFNS and English exam before taking nclex from an RN in the Phillipines who is already a US citizen?

Hi good day.. Just wanna know what are the states that do not require CGFNS from foreign RN? thank you for your reply.

No matter what, in order for you to take the NCLEX you will have to apply to ANY states BoN as a foreign trained nurse. The fact that you are a US Citizen does not matter in this case, the only thing that DOES matter is that you went to school in the Philippines.

thank you for the info.

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Don't confuse the services that CGFNS offer. CGFNS exam is only required by a small handful of states most however require CGFNS CES report which is a breakdown of your transcripts