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I have CA RN license. Want to apply for Hawaii license by endorsement. I have a prior dui in 2012. Went through 3 years of probation with BRN CA. My license is now active and no restrictions. How hard is it to get the Hawaii license if I have completed CA probation. 5 years since completed 

I know you're probably done with this issue by now but I'd like to add my experience here. I travel nursed in Hawaii on the big island in 2017. I made the stupid mistake of going there before I had my license. I can't remember how many weeks it took but I was supposed to start and it was at least three weeks after that start date that I finally had my license. I had a DUI and a few other little misdemeanors in 2006-2008 when I was 18-21. I called their BON every day for three weeks straight getting nowhere. Finally I wrote a letter to the governor telling them what was going on that I was sitting there bleeding out money and I came there to work in a very understaffed hospital but I couldn't without my license. The BON called me the next day and told me they would issue my license and asked if they could close out the complaint to the governor 😄

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