Worked for Kahu Malama?

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    Has anyone here worked for Kahu Malama? I filled for an online application and contacted after a week to call them if I want to proceed with my application so that they can set me up for an appointment. After searching for review regarding this agency I stumbled upon how unprofessional they are when it comes to their clients, but the review 6years ago and was hoping to hear an updated response from anyone of you.

    And yeah, has anyone tried Altres as well? I have an scheduled interview this month but was planing to cancel the interview since they won't give me any RN job interview despite my year of experience, but rather give a a CNA work. Not that I'm complaining but when I try to ask them why I'm not qualified for any RN position (which one of the recruiter told me) they won't respond to my question despite they have numerous RN job posting online.

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  3. by   Ybur514
    I tried working at KMN but I didnt like it either
  4. by   KimW808
    Quote from Ybur514
    I tried working at KMN but I didnt like it either
    Thanks for replying. I didn't went with them at the end, I forgot my reason but I believe its because of a bad review I read online.

    I even cancelled my interview with Altres last month, I guess what they have been doing to new grad RN is try to get them the lowest position possible, same thing happened with a friend of mine. At first they told me I can work as a flu shot nurse and they would try to get me a RN position someday in a hospital. After a day or two would send me an email telling me I'm not qualified for the flu shot but instead should start as a cna.
  5. by   mzjennx
    I work for Kaiser and like to pick up different shifts elsewhere per diem.

    I worked for Altres 3 years ago and they are not too bad. I did the Flu shots and they are fun. They start you at $30/hr which is about standard for most new-grad places.

    I just started working for KM. Completed the application, had an interview. They seem very professional. Staffing agency seem high tech compared to Altres as they use a online scheduler.

    If your a new grad with no experience you may have to start as a aide especially if the the facility does not have a former new grad program. It is all about liability and if they have the resources to train you as a RN.