will i ever work?

  1. [FONT='Arial','sans-serif'] I am currently attending Purdue University for my Bachelors in Nursing. I will graduate in May 2008. Right after graduation I am moving to Hawaii to be with my fiancé who is in the air force. I will be taking the nclex as soon as possible and am looking to get a job as soon as possible. i am freaking out now about not being able to work. does ANYONE have any advice please tell me how i can get a foot in the door???
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  3. by   ParadiseRN
    I work at Tripler Army Medical Center and it is a really good job. Everyone is very friendly and it is a teaching hospital so they accept new grads. It's kind of hard to navigate through their website to look for civilian jobs but you can call. Also, you will make more money if you go through a contract. Try calling Tripler's main number and ask to be connected to the Colombia Arora nursing office. It's a contract company in the hospital that Tripler uses alot. Good Luck!
  4. by   daisymurphydog
    I just graduated in May and moved to Hawaii in July...I applied to Tripler and they told me they don't hire new grads... I am also prior military and their web site said that they will give preference to prior military...Tripler HR called me and said that they don't hired new grads but try back after I have 1 yr exp..I'm not trying to discourage you because I did find a good job on a tele floor and the hosp sent me through a critical care class & certed me ACLS... You are just going to have to apply every where...and be patient...Call backs for interviews could be weeks even months after you applied....Good Luck