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  1. by   WindwardOahuRN
    Quote from bear611
    Hey windwardOahu nurse Iworked at the one NON union hosp on windward side, never again will I work without a union, actually i think agency is the only way I'd go now.
    LOL---I see that all the time, lately. I work with a lot of agency nurses who have left area hospitals after being on staff for years and they are happy as pigs in poop.

    I shudder to think what abuses would take place without the protection of a union here. The hospitals are bad enough, even WITH union presence.

    The situation on Kauai is a disgrace. HPH should be ashamed of itself and its tactics. I would never consider working for such an ugly organization and highly recommend that any nurse stay away from any HPH facility. It's obvious what they think of their nurses. Really nice what administrations will pull just because they have a "captive audience." Disgraceful.
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  2. by   bear611
    Amen windward the only thing worse then hell is Hilo hosp. I just moved back home to the Big islands east side and I have to go travel to maintain my home, cause that place is.. well lets just say We're getting "medivac me" tatooed across my chest. and the Oahu hospitals will pay for a mainland nurse to come work ie. house travel etc. but they won't put me in a hotel even if i pay my own airfare. Go figgah. Still the Islands no ka oi. Aloha