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I'm applying for UH MEPN program for Fall 2009. Has anyone heard about the program? It's fairly new but I just want to know what I'm getting myself I know overall, nursing school is... Read More

  1. by   EMC77
    Hi erigrl057 - I interviewed as well but no word yet. Odd, since I'm also in HI already. I have exc. grades & rec's, but sort of choked up my interview, so I'm not optimisitic. But it'd be nice to know one way or another! Glad to have this forum
  2. by   erigrl057
    Quote from EMC77
    Hi erigrl057 - I interviewed as well but no word yet. Odd, since I'm also in HI already. I have exc. grades & rec's, but sort of choked up my interview, so I'm not optimisitic. But it'd be nice to know one way or another! Glad to have this forum
    After days of calling and emailing the office and no word from Erik, I finally decided to email the person who interviewed me. She got back to me in a day and I found out that I am on the alternate list. It sucks to hear but yet it was better than having no news at all. If you have the contact information for the person that interviewed you, I would definitely try to email them. Especially since this week is spring break, there will be no one working in the office so you will most likely not get a response from Erik. Hope this helps! Also, what specialty track did you select?
  3. by   EMC77
    Thanks for the reply - at least you know now, even if it's not the ideal news. Sigh. I'm going to try the email route you suggested (no Spring break for me!) - to have a firm footing at least, on my status. I wonder what the decline rate is for those who are acceptance but can't afford to live in Hawaii due to COL? (wishful thinking on my part perhaps?) Anyways - best of luck to you & thanks for the heads up!
  4. by   erigrl057
    No problem! This is definitely not the type of SPring Break I was wishing for either. The timing of waiting and finding out this type of info wasn't the most perfect; yet it was good to know early on rather than waiting for weeks. My interviewer told me had i not emailed her, i probably wouldn't have gotten a response for the next month. I couldn't imagine waiting around for a month with no news. I too, wonder about the decline rate, but she said it has happened a few times in the past years so I guess I will not get my hopes completely down. Good luck to you as well and let me know if you do hear any news. I'm sure many of us have not been contacted and is still left in the dark w/no news. =(
  5. by   hollownurse
    I'm not so worried about the COL as the cost of tuition to out of state. I calculated tuition alone at 71000 or thereabouts. Wow, that is expensive but the program is worth it most likely. I'm not sure if outsiders get much help for the first year.
  6. by   Dodgersgirl
    Hi All,

    I'm new to I also was recently accepted to the MEPN program PNP track for the Fall 2010 semester. Anyone else PNP? Hollownurse, I agree, the first year of the program is pricey, but at the end, it'll all be worth it. It's great to have a place to share our questions and concerns!
  7. by   AjBob
    I'm PNP too!!!
  8. by   purlees
    Hi all... I am so happy many are you going to be a part of the MEPN Ohana. If you have any questions join us on facebook "UH Manoa MEPN" We'll be doing the Honolulu AIDS Walk this year too, join us if you can
  9. by   Dodgersgirl

    Congrats on your acceptance! I look forward to meeting you in August.
  10. by   wewillsee
    Hi all new MEPNers,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to stay in CA for school, although it was a hard decision to make! But those on the alternate list, don't lose hope, hopefully, I made things easier for you. Although, I applied for the PH track.

    Good luck to everyone in the program!
  11. by   linz7287
    Hey Everyone,

    I am new to and have just been accepted to the MEPN program for the CNS track, anyone else doing this track?

    Im in Florida and have not been over to Hawaii yet but I am hoping to fly over in the next 2 weeks.

    Has anyone considered living plans?
  12. by   Margs
    Hi everyone!

    I am new to allnurses but got my acceptance call a few weeks ago from the amazing Erik (he must have to deal with sooo many e-mails and calls). I am pretty sure I am going to go to UH but I am still on the wait list for USD. Does anyone else live in Southern California right now?

    If any current or past students have reasons that they decided to choose UH and how the program is please let me know!
  13. by   EMC77
    Hi Hollownurse ~ yipes. The 71000 is crazy expensive, for sure. And yes - it will be worth it but the COL is definitely something to consider, so don't write it off (not trying to scare you! I just know that it was a huge adjustment for us, coming back from mainland (CA - which is pricey as well). So just keep it in mind & be realistic about your budget - you don't need the extra stress as the 1st MEPN year will be hard enough.
    Anyone have anyone thoughts on scholarships/grants/loans? This is new to me coming back to school, so any input is helpful. Thanks much - and congrats to those who got their acceptance! I'm still hanging in! Aloha,

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