UHM Nursing School Spring 2012

  1. Hi,

    I am very new to allnurses.com and had a few questions. I would greatly appreciate any help. I am a Hawaii resident that applied to the MEPN program for Fall 2011 and did not get in probably due to my bachelor's GPA. Ahhh.... the follies of youth. I wish I knew now what I did not know when I was much younger. I just turned in my application for the UH BSN yesterday and was wondering what the cGPA, pGPA & NLN scores are for people who got accepted. Also, for those in the program, how many hours do you spend in class, clinical time and study time? Do you have time to work? Also, do you think my stats (listed below) are competitive enough? I guess I am just nervous and fearful of another rejection. Thank you for your help!

    cGPA: 3.45 (may be a little higher if they add my transfer classes from mainland schools)
    pGPA: 4.0 (if they go by only 16 credits, 3.66 if they include all the pre-req classes. Boo to when I was young and goofing off. Who would've thought 2 C's can bring your GPA down that much!)
    NLN: Verbal: 97 Math: 97 Science: 93
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  3. by   SNSWTR
    Your stats look good to me...

    I have no idea how to calculate my stats, but I did apply with at least one C. I retook my sciences at the community college level and got As, so I don't know how that factored in to my cGPA or pGPA. Here goes:

    cGPA: 3.31 (from my BA)
    pGPG: Don't know what grades applied
    NLN: Verbal 97 Math: 99 Science: 98

    Your stats look better than mine, and I was able to get in. I'd say your chances look pretty darned good.
  4. by   jujubees1
    Thank you SNSWTR for your reply. We won't get our letters until November and it seems like such a LONG wait but I wanted to get my application in and out of the way. How exciting for you! What year are you in UHM nursing? Also, how many hours do you spend in class, clinical time and study time? Do you have time to work? I was just wondering if I would be able to work while in school (if I get in ). I am planning on keeping a job that is at least 1 night a week to stay in a hospital system. Are the classes very hard?

    Mahalo for your help!
  5. by   SNSWTR
    I'm a brand-spanking new nursing student who will be entering the school this Fall, so I don't have any personal insight into the weight of the course load. However, there is another thread with info to which you can refer:


    Good luck to you during the application process.
  6. by   jujubees1
    I wish you much luck SNSWTR. I think you will do great! Do you plan on working while going to school? I also have a litter of children. Family and my gpa are important but I am also thinking after what I have read that it's also important to already be working at facility or know someone in order to get a job once we graduate. Please keep us posted how your semester is going. I am excited for you!
  7. by   SNSWTR
    I'm excited for you, as well. I think you'll do fine and you look like a strong candidate. I don't think you'll have to stress so much about getting in. Good luck!

    As far as my job situation goes, I have some loose ends to tie up, so I don't think I'll be able to work. I told myself that I wouldn't start looking for a job until I finish up, but I wish I could. I do hope to continue to volunteer, though. A PRN job would be great, but I don't know exactly how to get one without experience.
  8. by   hinursing
    Cumulative: 2.92 at the time I applied
    Pre-req: 4.0
    NLN: composite score 153, 96/98/99

    I'm only entering for Spring 2012 so I'm not sure about course load, although I do have an on campus job where I can work during my breaks between classes. I plan to keep this job for as long as they'll have me!