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Is there anyone else that applied for the BSN program for Spring 2013? It feels like it's been forever since I applied, I can't wait to find out!... Read More

  1. by   Rome808
    I think your in. Congrats! I'm in the same situation as you. LCC is my home campus. In or not, I hope I get that letter soon.
  2. by   chn2011
    Congrats to those who got accepted! I still haven't gotten my letter...
  3. by   nikidesu
    The letter is dated Nov 1. I got it in the mail yesterday (Nov 3). My status on STAR didn't change yet even though I'm a UHM student. It still says Pre-nursing so don't give up yet if yours is still the same!

    My stats:
    pGPA - 4.0
    cGPA - 3.3
    verbal - 64
    math - 94
    science - 77
  4. by   Rome808
    We got identical stats. There's still hope......
  5. by   cli2
    Still waitting. I emailed nursing department today and they said letters are still currently being sent out.
    I am wonder why they don't just send out everything all at once.
  6. by   hcs808
    Same here, still waiting.. I see people getting their letters and I'm getting nervous! I just wanna know already. Anyone else's registration change?
  7. by   chn2011
    I still haven't gotten my letter, this wait is killing me! Has anyone else found out whether they got in?
  8. by   mkdickey
    I know one person that has recieved his admission letter. They gave him until November 17th or 18th, i think, to respond. I am still waiting to receive a letter.
  9. by   mkdickey
    standard size
  10. by   hcs808
    Did anyone's registration change? Still haven't gotten it yet
  11. by   hcs808
    Do u guys think it matters on last names? My friends got their's and their last names start with A.
  12. by   Rome808
    I was thinking the same thing. If that's the case, ill be getting it later than everyone else.
  13. by   hcs808
    Any news you guys? I still haven't received anything yet I'm so tempted to call them tomorrow.

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