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Hi, I am a current UH manoa student. I applied for fall 2013 nursing program with my 4.0 pGPA, 3.9 cGPA , and nln exam score. I got 57 percentile on my verbal, 99 percentile on math, and 68... Read More

  1. by   PolkaDots
    Wassup amandadb! Got my letter this morning
  2. by   aznoobyboy
    got the white envelope letter again...BUT its the alternate list. is there a lot of people that declines? or should i start summer school to replace one of my class.
  3. by   Staunch
    White? If you get in, what color is the envelope?
  4. by   aznoobyboy
    you get the giant brown envelope from what i hear. rejection and waitlist is the white mail
  5. by   amandadb
    I actually got my acceptance letter this morning and it was in a white envelope along with some other forms...
  6. by   Staunch
    Okie dokie, I'm set! Got my acceptance letter in today's mail too. The weird thing is that it said entrance into Spring 2013. Registration status on UH portal says the same. Typo?
  7. by   amandadb
    Maybe just call the nursing office to inform them of the typo, just to make sure! And yours came in a white envelope too right?
  8. by   Staunch
    Yup, standard white envelope. Yours doesn't say "accepted for the Bachelor of Science nursing program for the coming Spring 2013 semester"? I assumed the letters were all pre-programmed and printed. I'm glad I'm in, now just worried about financial aid and cost :/
  9. by   amandadb
    I just checked and it does say Spring 2013!
  10. by   PolkaDots
    Same here. Standard white envelope with the "Spring 2013" typo
  11. by   janegamiao
    Wow you guys are very lucky!Congratulations. I just took the NLN today. Verbal was really tough. I really hope I get a high score. I have all A in my pre req. and two B co-req. Do you think I will stand a chance too? Did any of you ever had B? Please let me know. I really want to be in the nursing program. I hope I'll get in..
  12. by   Staunch
    Yup, you have a great chance as long as your test scores are good. It really depends on who will apply at the same time. I got a couple Bs on my co-reqs. Are you applying for Spring 2014?
  13. by   janegamiao
    @Staunch Yes I am applying for Spring 2014. I think my NLN score is terrible. I just took it last friday. I'm really worried. It seems like it's impossible to get in at UH Manoa.

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