UH Manoa Fall 2017

  1. Anyone else applied to UH Manoa's Fall 2017 BSN Program? I haven't seen any posts on allnurses from other applicants. If you did, I wish all of us good luck! Does anyone know when we'll start getting notified about their decision?
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  3. by   Itaita
    I did too! I hope we both make it in, it seems extremely competitive though and from what I've seen they start notifying people in March or so I think. I'm so impatient already it's going to be the longest wait :***:
  4. by   hopeful96
    I just submitted mine today! Hoping for all of us. My friends got accepted last year around the first/second week of March. How were your scores and GPAs?
  5. by   Itaita
    Aaah! That's around my birthday! My scores/gpa are not that great but I am hoping that since I applied to that vet2rn program it kind of offsets it. I am a transfer student, teas= 86, gpa= 3.4 (If I recall correctly since they won't really "give" me a gpa because I havent taken any classes at UHM yet), how about yours?
  6. by   hopeful96
    I'm going to mix my scores for the TEAS so I don't really have a stable overall... but:
    reading: 83.0 (😭😭😭)
    math: 93.8
    science: 72.3
    ela usage: 87.5

    i also took the NLN and got a 129 so just to be safe I submitted all scores. my gpa isn't so hot I have a 3.3, 3.5 for pre reqs....
  7. by   mxm80
    I have a friend who got her letter around April last year.
    Fall 2016 was my first semester so I applied with a 4.0 GPA
    But Overall TEAS score was an 80%
  8. by   blissedout
    Gah so glad I found this. I'm freaking out. Im also mixing my TEAS scores. I got: reading- 78.6 😭 Math- 100 science- 74.5 English and Lang.- 87.5

    Do you know how many they're going to accept?
  9. by   blissedout
    Also did you guys apply to both the office of graduate eduacation and nursingcas? Because when I went to advising the peer advisor told me to just apply to nursingcas, which is what I did. But now I'm worried we had to do both?
  10. by   hopeful96
    Wow mxm80 I have a really good feeling about your application. The 4.0 is so competitive!!!

    What's your current GPAs blissedout? Sorry I mean if you don't mind sharing. I think they accept around 60 people and there are usually like 300+ of us applying. I just applied through nursingcas. Do you guys know how it's supposed to look? Mine says completed on the end but I feel so worried. I keep checking nursingcas everyday and honestly I haven't been able to sleep properly since January 5th...
  11. by   blissedout
    I have a 3.6 cGPA and 3.7 pGPA.
    My app status says complete but under transcripts it says not arrived for some reason, which is weird because we didn't have to submit our transcripts.
  12. by   hopeful96
    Okay thanks I feel so much better about nursingcas now! I hope we all get in. Good luck to us!
  13. by   hopeful96
    Hey guys I just emailed Brian earlier this week and I thought I should let you all know they've started to pull applications from nursingcas. It's happening!! Good luck again.
  14. by   Itaita
    You guys!!!! It's almost March!!!!
    We should know in the next upcoming weeks!!
    Aaaaaahhh this waiting sucks!!!