rn license # in hawaii - how long did it take for you???

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    I am a recent graduate and will be taking my NCLEX this week. Hoping I pass, I was just wondering how long did it take to receive your RN license number in Hawaii? How long did you have to wait until your name and number showed up on the BON of Hawaii website? I am currently a CNA and was recently offered a position (crossing my fingers that I pass the NCLEX). Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!!
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    I am from Oahu, Hawaii and is wondering how long does it take to receive your RN license after passing NCLEX. How long did it take you??? What state? I'm guessing it differs from state to state but, just looking for the average.

    I've been searching allnurses, but unable to find any answers on how long it took for those in Hawaii. It would be great if there are some HAWAII RN's who could answer this question!!!

    I am a recent graduate and will be taking my NCLEX in a few days. I'm hoping for the best and praying I pass. There is a new grad program that is approaching (should be anytime now) at the hospital I work for. I'm a bit worried that I may miss the cut off... I'm wondering if I would be able to apply since a current RN license number is needed in order to apply for the new grad position.

    Thank you in advance!
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    On your graduation!!

    Each state varies on the amount of time it takes to receive you physical license. I would contact the hospital and ask them how to circumvent the license number as you are a new grad. Many states an additional license fee after passing to then receive your license and number.

    You can tell if you passed by using something called the Pearson Vue trick....check out this thread....Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Your duplicate threads have been merged for best response....be patient you will get the answers you seek.

    I know you are anxious......take a deep breath in......now let it out. You'll be fine...LOL

    Good luck on your boards!!!!